More about Anna

It has been a great ride since the day I opened my business in 2003.

For the first time in my career I was able to fully express my creativity and have the total freedom in developing a business. To be an employee is safe and secure but you can never be you until you break out of your comfort zone and be on your own. I am old school. I do not shop on line and I do not believe in selling on line. Website, Instagram and tweeter are for information only. I like to meet my customers. I like to get to know them before I sell to them. All of my customers become my friends.

My designs are not for everybody, they are bold, bulky and heavy. They are also extremely eye catchy. They are also extremely noticeable. I am also a stickler for using quality goods in both fine jewelry and my bridge lines. Every piece of stones in my bridge lines are real. There is no plastic beads or crystals. They are all real and untreated. As American as I am, I am also very Chinese at heart. I believe in giving great value for your money.